SharePoint 2010 Theme Generator

This page contains a SharePoint theme generator. The generator requires at least Silverlight 4 to run.

Install Microsoft Silverlight

How to use this generator

The generator requires that you specify a base color, for instance the main color of your company logo. Use the RGB values or specify a hex value (step 1). Next, select the color profile of your choice (step 2).

Under step 3, you can specify whether you want to use the default SharePoint 2010 Text/Background and Hyperlink colors, or derive them from the base color.

Once you’re satisfied with the result, press the Get Colors button to open a modal popup window. Here, you can copy and paste the hex values of the generated colors. Implement them in a SharePoint 2010 theme using the Web UI, PowerPoint or the Theme Builder.

Unfortunately, there is no function to export the .thmx just yet. I might add this later.

For more information on where the different accent colors are used in SharePoint, see this post on Erik Swenson’s blog or this cheat sheet by Emerson Bruce.

Click here to see the changelog for this app
  • Version 1.0 (november 1, 2011).
    Initial release
  • Version 1.0.1 (november 3, 2011).
    Added a new profile “Analogous Wide” to the profile set, which further expands the analogous hue settings, providing a broader range of colors.


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