Extract the parent foldername of a document in a SharePoint Designer 2013 workflow

Using the LastIndexOf Algorithm for SharePoint 2013 workflows described in my previous post, you can now extract the parent folder of a document in a SharePoint 2013 workflow using SharePoint Designer.

The following example retrieves the parent folder for any document. The variable FolderName is empty for documents that are created in the root of the site collection. Handy for custom (drop-off) libraries that require action or routing based on the folder in which the document is placed. (Of course, normally you’d use metadata columns for this, but in some cases, columns are not really an option, i.e. when dealing with documents coming from SharePoint-unaware scanners).

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LastIndexOf in a SharePoint 2013 workflow using SharePoint Designer 2013

Unfortunately, there is no out-of-the-box Workflow action for String.LastIndexOf() in SharePoint 2013 workflows when working with SharePoint Designer 2013, but using the new Loop condition, you can get the last index of any character or string:

Use the following actions to retrieve the last index:

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This algorithm uses the following local variables:

This can come in handy, when you want to dissect a filename or URL in a workflow.