Create headers in the Quick Launch without links.

When you’re working with site templates in SharePoint Foundation, you might want to group the links to lists and libraries under different headings, than their type. By default, SharePoint will create a heading link “Libraries” and list the libraries under it. But when you’ve got a lot of libraries, you might want to group them under different labels.

But any header link in the quick launch requires that you specify a URL from the web application’s domain root, i.e. “/sitename”. You do not always want this, if you’re simply grouping links in the quick launch, having a link there is not always wanted, especially if you want to create a site template from the site.

An easy way to “deactivate” the link is by replacing the URL with the following JavaScript: javascript:window.goback(0)

This link will still be valid for SharePoint (it requires that you enter a URL), but won’t cause any navigation to happen for the user.

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  1. Every time I try to implement this, I either get an unexpected error or it doesn’t save the changes. I have a team site where I am trying to create unclickable headers in the quick launch. Any tips? I copy the javascript:window.goback(0) verbatim but it won’t allow it. Should I be doing this in the master page hrefs?

      • Add a “/” in front of the javascript, i.e. “/javascript:window.goback(0)” (without the quotation marks). If you go back to check or edit it, you’ll see the “/” has been removed. If you click OK again, you’ll get the error message again, so just put the “/” in again (or click Cancel if you’ve made no changes).

  2. Hi Morgan thanks for the great tip. I was wondering how to do this, but could figure out how to deactivate the link.

    I do have a question. I create a heading and would like that heading in the Library area on the Quick Launch. I create the heading while in the “Site setting >QuickLaunch. I use the “javascript:window.goback(0)” for the link. Now I want to MOVE that heading UP into the Libary area, but I’m only allowed to move the heading as a SECTION. I have my libraries all created, and want to separate them out under differnt Program goup Headings. These headings are the ones I create the dead links for.

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