Count all lists and list items in a site collection

I was recently asked how to inventorize all lists and list items for all sites in a site collection.

Here’s a PowerShell script that does exactly that, displaying the SharePoint site and List name, with the number of items per list:

$ListsInfo = @{}
$TotalItems = 0
$SiteCollection = Get-SPSite "http://<<SiteCollectionURL>>/"
ForEach ($Site in $SiteCollection.AllWebs)
    ForEach ($List in $Site.Lists)
        $ListsInfo.Add($Site.Url + " - " + $List.Title, $List.ItemCount)
        $TotalItems += $List.ItemCount
$ListsInfo.GetEnumerator() | sort name | Format-Table -Autosize
Write-Host "Total number of Lists: " $ListsInfo.Count
Write-Host "Total number of ListItems: " $TotalItems
(To copy this code, double-click the anywhere in the code and press CTRL/Cmd+C to copy it)

Replace the http://<<SiteCollectionURL>>/ string with the URL for your site collection.

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